Years ago I was asked to write something about my work.

I tried to avoid the present at that time as it seemed to me, it wasn´t possible for me to write about my own pots.

I described the zigzag ways in which I went about becoming a potter because it is a quite interesting story.

I used the sentence, that I was always looking for good pots in that time, before I arrived and settled in Techentin!

If I am thinking about that, the same sentence still seems to go. I´ve never stopped the search for good pots.

Especially I am fascinated by how ceramics is subject to change.

What flood of influences, what diversity!

So the life inexorably goes on, made breathless by the feeling of amazement and deep luck of seeing a good pot.

In the face of such a long tradition I feel the challenge of finding my own expression.

A long life task: not to capitulate, continue the search, to bear the frustration of the unsuccessful outcome, to make a pot that unites everything: It should be thrown fresh, full of tension.

The choice of the clay should match to the kind of firing process and the object that is made from it and the glaze should wrap it like a fitting robe. The adventure of the handles! To leave without painting? Does it work for its user?

And finally the pot should be as simple as possible in the moment of my making.