The kiln is situated in a charming wooden kiln shed across from the gallery.

It is called a Phoenix, has one and a quarter cubic meter capacity and is wood fired with one firebox.

The kiln is the heart of my yard!

I think this type of kiln originally was built in Japan.

At the end of the seventies the construction was published in an American ceramic magazine and eventually found its way to the former East Germany in the eighties.

I modified the plan and made the main chamber of hard bricks in order to slow down the firing.

The results depend on the firing. Every firing delivers new insights.
The results are always unforeseeable.

The best pots feel to me like gifts from the kiln. I value them as treasures that I've had only a partial role in making.

Not all of the pots are for sale as I sometimes need to keep them around me for a long time.

In the yard are two rooms for exhibitions.

The gallery with temporary exhibitions is used for ceramics.

My studio, sales room and display for my tableware are in the old farmhouse.